Christmas in July and Alameda County Fair

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Adrianne from Happy Hours Project hosted a Christmas in July Gift Exchange. I was matched with Veronica, from Adventures of D and V. Not only was fun to participate, but it was also great to meet her through our email exchanges. I sent her one of my aprons with a Japanese theme fabric. I forgot to take a picture before I sent it to her, so I am stealing this one from her blog (that you should go and check out by the way).

Adrianne de Happy Hours Project organizó un intercambio de regalos llamado Navidad en Julio. Me tocó de pareja Verónica, de Adventures of D and V. No sólo fue divertido participar del intercambio, también fue genial conocerla a través de nuestros intercambios de e-mails. Le envié uno de mis delantales, hecho con telas con estamapados japoneses. Me olvidé de tomar una foto antes de enviarselo, así que se la estoy robando de su blog (vayan a visitarlo, por cierto).

This is what she made for me. Cards with doves on them, flower pens (Paloma loves them), and two pins. Super cute and very thoughtful!

Esto es lo que ella hizo para mí. Tarjetas con palomas, lapiceras con flores (a Paloma le encantaron), un prendedor y una hebilla. ¡Muy lindo y muy considerado!

I encourage you to participate in swaps! It is a great way to get inspired and motivated, and you can meet more crafters like you!

Les recomiendo participar de intercambios! Es una manera de sentirse motivada e inspirada, y tambien es una oportunidad para conocer a más personas artesanas como tú.

I also want to show you some of the stuff we saw at the Alameda County Fair a couple of weekends ago. We had a great time and Paloma got to ride a horse for the first time! I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to it, but she loved it!

También quiero mostrarles algunas de las cosas que vimos en la Feria del Condado de Alameda hace un par de semanas, donde la pasamos muy lindo y Paloma anduvo a caballo por primera vez. Al principio no estaba muy segura como iba a reaccionar, ¡pero le encantó!

The Food and Fiber pavillon was one of my favorites, along with the animals and the garden displays.

El pabellón de Comidas y Textiles fue uno de mis favoritos junto con los animales y los jardines.

Do you go to your county or state fairs in the Summer?

¿Visitas las ferias de tu provincia o estado durante el verano?


Stimulus: Baby Quilts

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Who doesn’t love baby quilts? They are cute and some are handmade by someone special in your life but most important they are very practical. You can use them in the crib, as an art piece to hang on the wall or you can take it with you on the go and put your baby down without having to worry too much about dust or dirt.

Back when I was pregnant I made my first quilt. And since then I have so many ideas to make more but haven’t had the time or energy to fully commit to making one. The furthest I got was making sure the new sewing machine I bought had the basic quilting tools to make it easier. Some progress is still progress, right? 😉

Anyways, back to the baby quilts. We didn’t know what we were expecting but for some reason I was very drawn to everything that had birds on it. It is pretty weird since we were not sure about names either, and when she arrive we knew her name was going to be Paloma (which means dove in Spanish). Weird! So the baby quilt I made has an embroidered bird on it. I found this awesome book from Linda Kopp called Quilts, Baby! and fell in love with all the quilts, but especially with the one in the cover.

I was nervous to make a quilt but it was easier than I expected and I really like how it came out. We decided to hang it on the wall, in her diaper changing station. She really liked it from the beginning, and it is a good distraction for her while changing the diaper.

I totally recommend the book if you are looking for some cuteness to make, from quilts to crib bumpers to a play mat.

If you need some stimulus, I found great tutorials and free patterns online that I want to share with you. Red Rooster has this wonderful quilt with a giraffe applique and you can download the pattern for free.

Milk and Honey Quilts shares this adorable elephant quilt too.

Natalia and Kathleen over at Piece N Quilt made this unique and gorgeous Modern Baby Quilt, and they have easy to follow instructions and a free template.

Lastly, I could not pass this sweet duvet featured in the How-Tuesdays at the Etsy Blog, courtesy of  Baby Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo.   

I am overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all! Aren’t you?

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