Free Printable: Crafty is the new… Pretty! / Descargable gratuito!

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We all have our favorites quotes that keep us going in our creative endeavors and in life in general. With the economy being the way it is right now, crafts have become very popular in the past few years. The DIY movement is growing and growing! Aren’t you glad? I love it!

Todos tenemos nuestros citas favoritas que nos inspiran en nuestros esfuerzos creativos y en la vida en general. De la forma en la que actualmente está la economía, las manualidades están muy en boga desde hace unos años. ¡El movimiento Hágalo Usted Mismo (DIY) está creciendo y creciendo! ¿No es maravilloso? ¡Me encanta!

I came up with this quote and made a nice printable to display at my craft room. And you can do it too! Just click on the image and save  it to your computer. You are welcome 😉

Se me ocurrió esta cita y diseñé un poster para colgarlo en mi taller. ¡Tú lo puedes imprimir también! Sólo haz click en la imágen y guárdalo en tu computadora. De nada 😉

I also want to let you know we are moving! Mother Crafter, not my family. We will have the new site running in the next couple of weeks. It will be the same format, with some little changes and a link to my Etsy store with pretty things to buy! Is going to be awesome! Coming soon…

También les cuento que nos vamos a mudar! Mother Crafter, no mi familia. Vamos a tener el nuevo sitio listo en las proximas semanas. Seguiremos con el mismo diseño por ahora, con algunos pequeños cambios y con un link para mi tienda en Etsy, donde vas a poder comprar cositas lindas! Va a estar bueno! Próximamente…

I craft all night and party everyday at these Craft Parties. Check them out and party with us!

Hago manualidades toda la noche y festejo todos los días en estas Craft Parties. Vení a festejar con nosotros!


DIY Easter Round-Up

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We are traveling this week celebrating Michael’s birthday, but here are some DIY Easter projects to get you ready to celebrate the coming holiday.

Joanne from Craft Passion shares these cute and colorful Egg Planters.

Dcoracao has these AMAZING embroidered eggs with a tutorial. The site is in Portuguese but the pictures are self explanatory. Wow…

Tanya from Myrtle and Eunice created these Easter Chicks and made them dance… Here you can see them dancing to MJ’s “Thriller”. Hilarious!

These Crepe Paper Surprise Bunnies from Martha Stewart are adorable, and the kids would love them!

Also from Martha, cupcakes!

What about these treat holders you can make with your kids from Hostess (with the Mostess)?

Alberta from Yoke Bakery shared origami bunnies at Instructables.

If you are looking for a cute dress for your daughter, check out my *award winning* (ahem!) Tea Towel Spring Dress. 😉

Go over to Falala and get this free printable to put on your door.

Green Lily Designs also shares free Easter Bag downloads.

Hope you got inspired! See you next week.

DIY Valentines: Map of Love

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A couple of months ago I saw this fantastic frame in Pinterest and I knew right away I wanted to make one.

I think the idea is wonderful! And very romantic and cute, so I waited until now to make it so I can give it to my husband for Valentine’s Day. It is an early gift, but he doesn’t mind 😉

Since I pinned it, I’ve been on the look-out to find some maps at my favorite recycle store here in the Bay Area, The East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use. Not only do they have amazing crap all over the store, they are super inexpensive! I found the maps for 0.30 cents each! (I also found a powerful blender in like-new condition for $6, just in case you were wondering. Jealous now?)

Once I got the maps I needed, Michael donated a blank canvas to me from his art supplies and I put manos a la obra!

I painted the canvas black, cut-out the hearts out of the maps making sure you can see the name of the special cities. In my case, Barcelona, Chicago and the SF Bay Area. I printed the words in a font I liked (adding happily ever after for the last heart), and glued them along with the hearts to the canvas. I applied Mod Podge Matte-Mat to everything, let it dry overnight, and… Finito!

If you need a visual tutorial, visit Mimi Moz.  Thank you, Danielle,  for the stimulus!

I craft all night and party everyday at these Craft Parties. Check them out and party with us!

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DIY Valentines: Free! Printable Postcards

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Here are some (very) cute Valentine postcards you can download for free.

Keep checking in (or better yet, subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss anything) as I will continue with the DIY Valentine series until February 14th, posting more awesomeness.

Are you making your Valentines? What are you making?

I craft all night and party everyday at these Craft Parties. Check them out and party with me!

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Vacation Month: Guest Blogger Tanya from Kreative Korner!

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Hello, Mother Crafter Friends! I am Tanya from Kreative Korner and I am so thrilled to be here among you all. First of all, I’d like to thank Vanina for having me here and giving me a chance to meet all you wonderful people. Isn’t she a sweetheart! I love the tutorials on her blog. The pictures make it so easy to follow.

At Kreative Korner, I mostly talk about my creative ramblings. I DO go off the topic at times! I have been surrounded by art and craft supplies ever since I was a child. My Mom and Dad, both are art enthusiasts. I believe I’ve got it in my genes *smile*. I paint. I craft. I collect trash to give it a new life. I read a lot of blogs and draw inspiration from them. If nothing better, I just write for the fun of it. Stop by anytime!!

Sharing some of my projects here.

I upcycled a lotion bottle to use it as a flower vase. Zero-Expenditure Projects are my all time favorite!

A used USPS Box was converted into a Card Box for my Sister-in-Law’s Birthday.

I love Henna and share the designs, without fail, every time I apply it!

All the paintings that adorn the walls of my house are made by Yours Truly!

I have recently added a new nook to my blog – Shop @ Kreative Korner. I would love for you all to stop by and have a look. At the moment, the shop mostly has the paintings that I make, which can be customized upon request.

Hope you enjoyed having me here just as much as I did. Vanina, it was a wonderful treat to be here today. Thanks, again.

DIY Kid’s room: Shuma and Salasa’s room

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If you rent your current home and the landlord doesn’t allow you to paint the walls, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your kids room. It means you need to think of other ways to decorate without painting walls and with things that can be easily removable once you are ready to move to your next home.

That was what our good friends Yusuke and Ayako did for Shuma and Salasa’s room. They were kind enough to let me share with you their AWESOME kid’s room.  DIY and medium budget, what else can you ask for?

Yusuke created  a fantastic decor with unique materials and lots of creativity and love. The tree, the mushroom bottoms and some of the treetops are  shapes cut out from painted cork board. Painted cork board! You can pin pictures, notes and school work on them.  Brilliant.

The rest of the treetops, bird, mushroom caps and butterflies are made out of vinyl. Apparently, vinyl is a little expensive, so this one was the major expense.

He also painted two Ikea dressers with a caterpillar (inspired by Eric Carle) and flowers.

Amazing, right? It is so cute! My favorite idea -that I will steal for sure ;)- is the cork trees… imagine the possibilities! What about you? Do you have any other ideas to decorate a kid’s room in a rented home?

I link most of my post here. Go check out all the parties!

Stimulus: Backyard

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With a background in theater working in the Props department, my friend Cour is a DIY extraordinaire. She is the kind of girl that is not afraid of power tools and knows how to use them (I am jealous!).

She put together the most awesome backyard, decorated with stuff she found at flea markets and junk stores (like Urban Ore) that she restored and transformed along with rusty metal artifacts that she collects. I love all the decoration and attention to detail, because it really shows the effort and love she has put into it.  Her space is perfect to hang out and she is a great party host. Did I mention that she is a grill master too?

She let me take a couple of pictures (after a lot of convincing) so I can share with all of you. So here they are. Get inspired!


Terrariums she made.

Mermaid in the garden.

Bird fountain (kiddie favorite).

Rusty artifacts.

This is not her or my pregnant belly 😉

Metal stars.

Paloma’s favorite spot is the comfy bed next to the chimenea.

Mine too! Especially after a glass of wine.

Isn’t it great? What do you think?

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