30 Days of Creativity, Days 15-30

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Here I am! Sorry I haven’t post since the 14th, but I have been… exhausted. I do not know what has happened to me! The clock says 10pm and I am a zombie… although that is not a good example since zombies probably have much more energy than me. I also have to say the days are wonderful and we are out and about having summer fun too.

I have been keeping up with 30 days though. I thought this year was going to be easier than the previous one, but I was wrong. I now have two jobs and a very active 18 month old.  That would do it, don’t you think?

Before I show you my projects, I have some exciting news: I started to work for a local jewelry company! It is called Dragonfly Designs, and they teach jewelry making at Summer Camps, after school programs, and birthday parties. Even though I had limited experience making jewelry, I showed them some of my crafts and Mother Crafter and they loved what I do (HELLO, What is the point?) 😉 so they are training me over the summer so I can become a teacher in the Fall. I started assisting teaching two weeks ago, and I really liked it. The girls were from 5 to 14 years old, and it was pretty cool seeing them create all sorts of projects. If you have time, go check out the company webpage, their mission and products are very nice.

Here are my creative efforts of the last 15 days of June.

Day 15: We went to MOCHA with some friends. Me and Paloma made this coffee filter flower for Father’s Day.

Day 16: Giants gift voucher for Michael.

Day 17:  I made a Lemon Pudding Cake with a personal twist from the Real Simple magazine. You will need to trust me on this one (I have witnesses), the baking dish was empty before I remembered to take pictures! Recipe here.

Day 18: I played with the fabrics of the mini quilt from Day 13. I remove three of the pieces and decided to keep everything in the same color range: grey, white, black and yellow.

Day 19: First day of Summer Camp. We helped the girls make clay pendants.

Day 20: Second day at Summer Camp. We did hair clips with seed beads and feathers.

Day 21: Again at Summer Camp. We did bracelets with wood beads.

Day 22: My auntie Melissa sent me this jewelry website with tutorials, tips and stimulus. I watched a couple of them.

Day 23: I went to the library and checked out a lot of quilting and sewing books for stimulus.

Day 24: More work on the quilt.

Day 25: Paloma had a fever, so we creatively played to kept her indoors.

Day 26: I made this Owl necklace with pieces I bought in Argentina.

Day 27: At camp, we showed the kids how to make three strand beaded necklaces.

Day 28: We made headbands with the kids.

Day 29: I watched the introduction of the online class Michael gave me for Mother’s Day.

Day 30: We went to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum and experienced flying over Mount Diablo through a hawk’s eyes.

I can’t believe is over. It was definitely a challenge this year. Phew! Now that July is here, I have line dup some pretty cool Show and Tell posts, the goodies of the Christmas in July gift exchange, and more! Next, I will post the pictures of the Alameda County Fair we went last weekend, including one of Paloma taking her first horseback ride! See you soon. I promise! 🙂


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  1. Hi Vanina,

    I just wanted to let you know that I recently received a Sunshine Award (bloggy award) and I’d like to pass it on to you. One of the first guest posts I did was on your blog!! I will totally NOT be offended if you take this no further than opening this email (seriously) – I just wanted to say thank you for supporting me! If you are interested in passing this award onto other bloggers, you can check out my post for all the info: http://uglyducklingtransformations.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/sunshine-award/

    • Thank you Kathryn for thinking of me! I posted about the award a while back. Let’s keep in touch for future collaborations! 🙂

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