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April 10, 2012 at 20:45 | Posted in Crafts - DIY | 8 Comments
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Last week, while commenting to my father in-law all the recognition  Mother Crafter is having lately, he asked me  if I was making money from it. When I told him no, he then asked me: So, what is the point then? I have to admit that at the beginning I took it personally and it hurt my feelings. But the next day when we were driving back home, it got me thinking.

This is like asking an artist why does s/he paint, a singer why does s/he sings, a dancer why dies s/he dances. Most artistic pursues are not for money. Mother Crafter (and crafts in general) are my artistic pursue.

I didn’t create this blog (or my fashion blogs) to make money. As a new stay at home mother, I needed a creative outlet, a way of continuing to express myself (the same reason I dance). Motherhood brought lots of changes to my life, lots of new emotions and feelings, and I found a way of coping with these changes and expressing myself by making stuff with my hands, and sharing them in the web. Way cheaper than a therapist 😉

Not everyone is  driven by ambition, money or professional status, but instead by creativity, exploration and self-expression. Some of us find happiness just making and reinventing stuff.

The blog and social media networking world is new to our parent’s generation (he! even to my generation!), they are not used to this new way of journalism. So it is normal that they do not actually get blogs. My mother doesn’t get it either.

If Mother Crafter develops into a business opportunity (the way Julie Powel’s blog inspired the Julie and Julia movie, or the way Marissa from New Dress a Day go into what she is now) GREAT! But if it doesn’t, it is still great. I make things to make myself and other people happy.

What do you create? Why do you do it? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. I love to make, just for the cause of making and being creative. It makes me happy and calm.

    • nice! 🙂

  2. If it weren’t for the inspiration of people like you I wouldn’t be doing, let alone LOVing crochet as much as I do. It is my outlet, my relaxation, my therapy 🙂
    So I, Thank You, and all other bloggers who are here, for being here and doing what you do and for keeping on doing what you do 🙂

    • awww.. thank you!

  3. ditto, No body paid you for this Volka ad?

    • LOL

  4. Well said!

    • thank you!

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