Paloma’s DIY First Birthday!

January 13, 2012 at 00:11 | Posted in Crafts - DIY, Stimulus | 4 Comments
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My baby turned 1! Hard to believe she is not a baby anymore. This past year was amazing, and watching her grow and develop each day was pretty interesting.

We had a party on our house to celebrate. We actually celebrated all week. So much fun! We wanted to keep it simple, DIY (of course) and low budget. It was very special to made everything ourselves; we wanted the party to reflect our love and care about our precious and amazing baby… oops… toddler! she is a toddler now… 😉

The only thing we didn’t make was the invite. I freaked out 0ne day about not having the time to make them so I ordered them. I didn’t want to spend money and time  printing them (remember I was freaking out!), so I ordered a printable design on Etsy and sent them by email. This is the one we chose from MommiesInk. Check the rest of her designs, they are adorable and she is a SAHM too!

So then we decided her first birthday party was going to be a dove theme (for those that do not know Spanish, Paloma means dove). I went to Michael’s for inspiration and navigated the web for a couple of nights. So here are the pictures of what we did (I totally recommend having someone else take pictures; no matter how much you think you or your hubby are going to be able to take pictures at the party, learn from my mistake: you WON’T).

Remember the garlands I wanted to make for my birthday but didn’t have time? Well, I made them. And they were fantastic.

We’ve been taking pictures of her every month with a stuffed elephant to show her growth. We printed them and I made tags  and glued them to tiny clothe pins so I could hang them. Cute!

I decorated her high chair with bunting.

Michael made a  CD with Paloma’s favorite songs (both in Spanish and English) to hand them out as a party favor. Some of the songs in the playlist included Dan Zanes, Taj Mahal, and Maria Elena Walsh. Also as party favors, I made felt doves. Everyone loved them.

I was going to make dove cake pops but then I got realistic and made cupcakes instead 😉 I made kid and adult sizes in three diferent flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, all with cream cheese frosting. Michael helped me cut the doves with the same paper punch (best idea ever!) out of Wilton edible sheets. And I also baked sugar cookies (yes, dove shaped too).

She had a fabulous and fun time!

There is something magic about making everything yourself. Yes, it is hard work, but it is so worth it! The energy and love you put into it really reflects in every detail.

Is your baby turning 1 soon? What party ideas do you have?


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  1. Love the decorations. Hanging the pictures is a great idea.

    • Thank you Dee!

  2. What a cute birthday party! I’m in the midst of planning my son’s first (thankfully I still have 2 months to plan!!) I love the planning process. 🙂

    • Thank you, Yvonne! Good luck with the planning. Would love to see what you come up with!

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