Vacation Month: Guest Blogger Kelly from Living Craftily Ever After!

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Hi there Mother Crafter readers!
My name is Kelly and I have a little blog called Living Craftily Ever After.
When Vanina asked me to guest post on her AMAZING blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you all!
Since the holidays are approaching, I thought it would be fun to share my tutorial on Faux Necklace Shirts.
These shirts are SUPER easy to make and make a very inexpensive but gorgeous gift. I have even made a baby onsie using this technique and put a Welcome Baby Gift together for my BFF!
So- here you go! My little tutorial on how to make a Faux Necklace Shirt!
This was EASY. I mean, E-A-S-Y! Seriously, anyone can do this.
And it looks like it was bought from a high-end boutique!
What you need:
Plain shirt {I got mine at Babies R Us, but Target has them as well right now}
Fabric Paint
Anything that will make a round stamp {I used dowels of different sizes, and I also used a hot glue stick. But pens, the eraser side of a pencil…anything like that would work}
Cardboard for the inside of the shirt to keep the paint from leaking though
Then you just take whatever you are using for your stamp, dip it in the paint, and start stamping!
{and the rest of the shirt took me all afternoon between putting kids to sleep, feeding kids, changing diapers… so in the midst of all that I forgot to take more pictures of the process. Sorry!}
But basically just stamp out any pattern you want. I chose to do four necklaces- two of each color. And each one is a different size circle.
For the flower you need:
Fabric {I used 100% polyester I think. *think* being the operative word there}
Center Button
I used two colors of fabric and two colors of tulle.
Cut the fabric into circles- these do NOT have to be exact. At. All.
Cut the tulle into similar size circles
Burn the edges of the fabric and then stack however you like. {I know these are the crummiest instructions ever- but there are SO many tutorials out there that explain this so well, I know I couldn’t do a better job}
Isn’t it adorable?!
Sam wore it to a big family get together today and got a TON of compliments! No one believed I made it!
**I sewed the flower directly onto the shirt. The next time I make one {my 2 nieces already asked me to make them one!} I will attach the flower to a pin so it can come off when it is time to wash it. I am not sure how this one will hold up. So… my advice is to attach it to a pin and not sew directly to the shirt!
Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! Have fun making all the little ladies in your life some adorable shirts! And I would love for you to stop by and check me out on my blog sometime!
Thanks again Vanina for inviting me to post here!

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