Yo-Yo’s Curtain Tutorial- 30 Days of Creativity, Day 24

June 24, 2011 at 21:53 | Posted in Crafts - DIY, Tutorials | 3 Comments
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I made it! I just submitted my entry for the Yahoo for Yo-Yo’s contest! Phew!

I made a curtain for Pali’s (still not set up) nursery out of my scraps pile.

And because I am so happy I submitted it, here is the tutorial!

You will need:

  • 54 fabric circles: 18 circles of 2 1/2 inches diameter, 18 of 3 1/2 inches diameter and 18 of 4 3/4 inches diameter. You can use the same fabric for each set or different fabrics for all (use your scraps!)
  • Fishing line.
  • Thread and needles
  • 12 Beads (optional)

The sizes of the circles to make the yo-yo’s are optional too. I did mine out of a candle jar, a mug and a Pyrex bowl. To save time cutting them I folded the fabric in half, and then in half again to cut 4 at the same time.

Make the yo-yo’s: With the wrong side up of the fabric, stitch along the edge of the circumference of the circle (some people made their yo-yo’s with a folded seam, I like the raw edge look so I don’t). The shorter the stitches, the larger the center on your yo-yo, and vice versa for longer stitches.  Once you have stitched all around the circle, and with your thread still in the needle, gradually pull until the edges gather at the center, make a knot on the inside of the circle so you can’t see it, center the inner circle and flatten your yo-yo .

Make 54 of them.

To make the curtain: Cut 6 strips of fishing line of your desire length. Mine are approximate 36″ long. With a embroidery needle pass the fishing line through the gathered ends of the inner circle of one small yo-yo, and make a knot. Pass a medium yo-yo and make a knot at about 3 or 4 inches. Do the same with the the larger yo-yo. Repeat until you have 3 sets of increasing yo-yo’s.

If you are using beads, insert one at each end of the line.  I used beads for the top and tassels for the bottom.

Repeat with the remaining 5 strips and 45 yo-yo’s. Hang in your favorite space and enjoy! 🙂

Do not forget to share your curtain at the Mother Crafter Project Pool Flickr group!


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  2. Wow, you made over 50?! I’m impressed. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

  3. So sweet and a great idea! I just love yo-yos and have been wanting to make them for years, so thanks for the inspiration and for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

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